Thursday, June 25, 2015

Why You Should Visit your Dental Practitioner

Some people generally avoid going to the dentist out of fear or laziness. Many of those who skip appointments, however, are unaware of how dental treatments will benefit the patient’s oral health. Scheduling a regular appointment with your dentist could help you identify if you are at risk of these life threatening conditions.

A common mouth-related problem you are likely to chalk off is halitosis. Usually, it’s common to blame bad breath on ingredients like onions and garlics in your food, but in some cases, halitosis could be caused by underlying issues in the gastrointestinal tract which, if left untreated, could affect your kidneys or liver. 

Also, researchers have linked the bacteria causing gum infection to possibly lead to a higher risk of heart attack, lung disease and stroke. It’s almost like suffering the same complications faced by a regular cigarette smoker.

Likewise, you may have heard of the relationship between severe gum disease and diabetes. Emerging research suggests that this is a two-way street because serious gum infections like periodontitis may possibly affect blood glucose control and enhance the progression rate of diabetes. A study published by New York University raises suggestions that a visit to a dentist should also include testing for diabetes.

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