Thursday, June 18, 2015

On Proper Dental Crown Care

Dental crown installation is one of the treatment solutions your preferred cosmetic dentist can offer you. It mostly involves reshaping the existing tooth’s enamel to make way for a synthetic tooth-shaped object to be installed on top. Afterwards, you’ll need to observe proper maintenance starting with these tips: 

No Gooey or Sticky Foods

One of the most critical things to do during the post-crown recovery process is to avoid eating certain types of very chewy food. For a temporary crown, you cannot eat chewing gum or caramel-based items like some popular brands of soft chocolate bars. Any other foods that are hard to eat are also out of the question, as the hard pressure exerted on the food item’s surface may potentially crack the crown’s surface. 


You can proceed with regular cleaning when a permanent crown is installed. A regular brush and floss will help keep plaque from eroding the crown’s adhesive, which you should follow up by gargling with antibacterial mouthwash. Be sure, however, that you’re not grinding away at the adhesive while you’re flossing.
How long a dental crown lasts is all up to you, as the patient. Observe the above tips and make them last for a long time.

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