Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Can Happy Hour be Damaging to your Teeth?

There’s nothing wrong with sipping a glass of wine or two, but there is more than one reason for you not to drink too much wine during your Happy Hour. While it’s common knowledge that the pigments in wine cause discoloration to teeth, a recent study had shed light on another downside to too much wine: tooth decay.

Researchers from the Australian Dental Journal found out that even a minute of tasting 10 or more wines can do much to soften the tooth’s enamel. Though the study’s main focus was wine tasters, wine drinkers have the same risk too, especially when they consume wine over and over.

If you’re fond of drinking wine, now is the perfect time for you to exercise moderation in drinking. You can also try drinking water along with your wine to rinse the acid away from your teeth. Just remember to order flat water and not sparkling, since the latter is more acidic and could do more damage than good.

A perfect food companion while you’re drinking wine is cheese, which helps in neutralizing the acid content found in wine. Finally, a visit to your dentist can also help, particularly in asking for a prescription fluoride toothpaste you can use to re-harden weakened enamel.

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