Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Ideal Candidate for Zoom! Teeth Whitening

Regular trips to the dentist and impeccable oral hygiene habits can reduce the risk of tooth discoloration, but most patients will notice that their teeth lose their vibrant color at some point. For these patients, the Zoom! whitening system might be the best option to dramatically brighten their smile in under an hour.

Exterior Stains
Interior stains that are caused by diseases, trauma to the face, or medication cannot be treated by traditional whitening systems, but most patients with dingy teeth actually have stains on the outer layer of enamel. Stains are typically the result of food debris that is not thoroughly cleaned or removed after a meal or snack. Foods and beverages, such as berries, candy, coffee, and wine, will all penetrate the porous enamel and strip away its vibrancy. When this takes place, it might be time to consider professional whitening.

Enjoying a Bright New Smile
Practically anyone with relatively good oral health and discolored teeth will benefit from the Zoom! whitening system. This process begins with the dentist covering the gums to protect them before applying a peroxide whitener directly to the patient's teeth. A halide light will then be used to activate the whitening compound before the whitener is removed and the process is repeated a second time.

With great oral hygiene habits and regular visits to the dentist, patients will enjoy a smile that is multiple shades brighter for months on end.

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