Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A Guide to Proper Post-Whitening Eats

A teeth-whitening program from a skilled cosmetic dentist in Melbourne, Florida will be nothing less than a boon. Think about it: the procedure will enable you to gain a lighter shade of white for your teeth and so let you smile more confidently. You will, however, have to sacrifice certain types of food and drink for some time after undergoing the procedure.

The Stain
Pay close attention to the kinds of food you eat; they could undo everything you’ve done to whiten your teeth up until that point. Some dental professionals say that you must avoid eating darkly-colored food items, such as, thick soups, blueberries, opaque-looking marinades, and chocolate high in cacao content. In some cases, that list may include tomato- or curry-based foodstuffs. Meanwhile, foods like apples, celery, and cauliflowers will be beneficial because they help stimulate saliva production.
Drink up? Not quite

Drinks, too, will bear much thought and control on your part. Consider avoiding coffee, tea, red wine, and softdrinks for the immediate future (due to their staining potential), as well as any colored juices. Water and regular milk work for the teeth, especially milk and its calcium content. You’ll need to avoid chocolate milk, however, as it can still stain your teeth. 

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